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Environmental Health & Safety Manager

Department: Operations

Location: St. Paul, VA

Basic Purpose

The Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) Manager will be responsible for ensuring the safety and health of all employees across all shiftsat our St. Paul, Virginia facility. The EHS Manager will foster a safety-first atmosphere and motivate employees to be safety minded in all activities within the work environment. The EHS Manager will be responsible for developing and maintaining all safety and environmental policies, procedures, and standards to ensure compliance with all Federal and State regulatory agencies (e.g. ISO 14001, ISO 45001).



  • Coordinates regular audits of safety practices and procedures across all shifts and provides corrective action recommendations toappropriate managers.

  • Coaches and trains team leads, supervisors, and managers on safety awareness, safe work methods, and safety & environmental policies and procedures.

  • Leads the continuous improvement efforts to achieve the Company goal of zero injuries.

  • Develops/maintains professional working relationships with state, federal, and local individuals/organizations relating to safety, environmental and health issues.

  • Creates and delivers safety training programs and educates employees on safe working practices, appropriate equipment operation, and emergency procedures.

  • Conducts tests and inspects working areas, machinery, equipment and working conditions for compliance with occupational safety and health regulations; recommends and follows up to verify the implementation of corrective actions.

  • Investigates incidents or accidents, gathers and analyzes statistics, and makes recommendations for improvements; prepares and submits accident reports in accordance with applicable regulatory requirements.

  • Ensures training records, health/safety manuals or handbooks, incident/accident reports, or other documentation are appropriatelymaintained.

  • Ensures the availability, readiness and proper use of required accident prevention procedures, safety and fire prevention equipment,protective clothing and devices, and first aid supplies.

  • Monitors known health, safety, or environmental hazards, such as noise, air, or wastewater pollution levels.

  • Maintains records on safety inspections, and inventory of safety and fire equipment and devices.

  • Develops and communicates facility-specific emergency response or evacuation plans.

  • Leads the safety committee and conduct safety committee meetings monthly.

  • Participates in all internal and external audits as required for ISO certifications and global requirements.

  • Maintains awareness of individual contribution to and impact of the quality, safety, environmental, and product compliance policies and activities; report all quality issues, unsafe acts, and unsafe conditions to the proper personnel.



  • Bachelor’s degree in a safety science, safety engineering, or related field. Equivalent experience in lieu of a degree may be considered.

  • Understand federal and state occupational safety and health regulations and monitor regulatory changes as they occur.

  • Comprehensive understanding of legal health and safety guidelines.

  • Ability to produce reports and develop relevant policies.

  • Outstanding attention to detail and observation ability and exceptional communication and interpersonal abilities.

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